Form & Space Current Exhibition

Jill Gardner and Marlis Jermutus
Dec. 6, 2019 – Jan.4, 2020

In this collaborative exhibition Marlis Jermutus and Jill Gardner are engaged in a conversation about form and space using color, shape and intuition even as they approach the process of creating through different mediums.

In her sculpture, Jill explores the impact of disparate materials in juxtaposition, such as solid wood, smooth metal and soft cashmere fluff. Jill delights in taking found objects out of context and creating new, unexpected forms that are often playful and poetic. “I invite the viewer to question form,” she says, “to look beyond function for each object’s unique signature and creative potential.”

Marlis explores space in her current series with paint moving on an empty canvas without the force of a brush. Marlis turns and tilts the painting, letting the paint flow across the canvas, with only intuition deciding how to mold the gravitational forces. She says, “Space is freedom, infinity. I want the viewer to dive into freedom and space.”

Jill Gardner & Marlis Jermutus
Marlis Jermutus – Essence
Jill Gardner – The Domestic Goddess