Runway Outre’

Runway Outré was Liberty Arts 5th Wearable-Art Fashion Show, this year featuring garments made from unconventional materials.

Artists and fashion designers were called to create sculptural clothing that is surprising, intense, exhilarating and just plain creative using a majority of materials not customarily used and in an unexpected manner from unconventional sources both natural and man-made such as: plastic, paper, rubber, reeds, or clay – an infinite variety of new or recycled materials.

Ladies and Gentlemen … Meet the Runway Outré team …

Runway Outre' team

Brenda Eatman, Sheila Masson, Lauri Sturdivant, Brian Meek

Before every great production there is the preparation.
The models are lining up to take their first walk on the Runway.

Models lining up
Models lining up
Akemi Dean, Neva Marnett

Akemi Dean,                                                        Neva Barnett

Runeay team

Brenda Eastman, Nicole Adams, Nikolas Allen checking last minute details.

Carly Turner,                                                       Calliope Isbell

The transformations begin …

Model: Amber Janson, Makeup artist: Nev Nicholson

Kelly LaPree, Katrina Wilden

Kelly LaPree,                                             Katrina Wilden

Makeup artist: Nicloe Howell, Model: Patricia Paisley

Madison Mauro,                                                    Katrina Wilden

Barbara Eastman

                  Calliope Isbell                                              Carley Turner

                 Linda Vivas                                                      Lacey & Lilli Mauro

And now Ladies & Gentlemen … It’s Showtime! Please find your seats.

The Runway Outré Master of Ceremonies, the Candy Man himself … Nikolas Allen!

Pine Jacket, Designer: Kim Presley, Model: Akemi Dean
Made from 1,100 pine clothes pins and an altered synthetic bathrobe.

Once In A Blue Moon Tortilla Wrap, Designer & Model: Linda Vivas
Made with white flour tortillas, acrylic paint, white glue, hot glue, Velcro and interfacing.

Dialed In, Designer: Lacey & Madison Mauro, Model: Madison Mauro
Ring! Ring! Ring!, Designer: Lacey Mauro, Model: Lilli Mauro
Made from a recycled phone books attached to an old dress.

Peppy Peplum, Designer: Nicole Adams, Model: Traci Reissig
Made out of recycled shipping wrap and bubble wrap, collected locally,
attached with duct tape and hot glue.

Time for Tea, Designer: Sarahlee Jones, Model: Mandee Tuttle
Made with new and used teabags and a mesh underlay.

Window Dressing, Designer & Model: Robin O’Brien
Made From recycled cellular shade, recycled window screen and acrylic paint.

Kaleidoscope: The Ever-Changing Pattern of Life,
Designer: Pam Wilden, Model: Elizabeth Bradley
Made out of window privacy film, electrical tape, chair webbing,
plastic placemats, lamp shades, sea shells, shower curtain and shelf liner.

Girl’s Got Leggs, Designer: Kim Presley, Model: Kelly LaPree
Made with nylon hose, polyester fiberfill, cotton socks and polyester trim.

Don’t Fence Me In, Designer: Sharon Kisling, Model: Katrina Wilden
Made from indoor/outdoor carpet, shelf paper, window screen, curtain
grommets, wood knobs. bungee cords, sand paper, metal washers, nuts and bolts.

Fish Out of Water, Designer & Model: Nicole Adams
Made from recycled shipping wrap and bubble wrap,
collected locally, attached with duct tape and hot glue.

Tea for Two, Designer & Model: Carly Turner
Made with tea packages, maps and pattern paper
on a thrift store dress with a tea cup hat.

Out Of This World. Designers: Calliope Isbell, Mimi Bailey,
Model: Calliope Isbell
Made from Duct tape and avocado bag netting

Operator Designer: Brenda Eastman, Model: Barbara Eastman
Made from telephone cords.

Send Her Packing Paper, Designer: Lauri Sturdivant, Model: Shari Bigman
Materials include perforated corrugated cardboard, packing papers and plastic tubing.

Lady Luck, Designer: Brian Meek,Model: Amber Janson
Made with 10 decks of cards sewn together, a poker chip belt, and a dice necklace.

Too Good to Toss, Designer: Robin Bailey, Model: India FratusThe hoop skirt adorned with New Yorker magazine covers, cartoons, and reading glasses.

Air Bag, Designer & Model:  Brenda Eastman
Made from: Packing materials on thrift dress.

Java Jackets, Designer: Heidi Martin, Model: Lenita Higgs
Coffee cardboard wrappers, brown paper bag and coasters make up skirt trim.
The necklace is woven from pine needles, collected in Nicaragua.

Grounded Flow, Designer: Lauri Sturdivant, Model: Neva Barnett
Materials used include Irrigation hose, donated bicycle tire inner tubes,
bottle caps & found objects.

The Liberty Family, Designer & Model Ondia Durovchic Costume made from yards and yards of mylar.
flame resistant streamers. Cardboard tape staples.

River Vortices, Designer & Model: Ruth Peddinghaus Made from bird netting, saved hosiery, jewelry collection,
craft flower petals and cake pouches.

Ginger Snap, Designer: Lauri Sturdivant, Model: Patricia Paisley
Made with snack food and potato chip bags including ginger snaps.
Accessories are made from snow tire traction chains and bailing twine.

Photography by Sharon LoMonaco

Funded in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency.

Mechanica Bank

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