Playing Nice

This exhibition, which will run through Sept. 3, includes the new 3D mixed-media pieces of Mike McCollum and the bold abstract paintings of Scott Malbaurn.

Liberty Arts is very proud to welcome two such distinguished, relevant and active artists to our locale; we hope many will take advantage of viewing such high caliber work from visiting artists.

Playing Nice is more than a visual conversation between artists Scott Malbaurn and Mike McCollum. It is an opportunity to drop-out and take-in information, question our relationship with our environment and tap into our collective memories. The whole shebang. 

Mike’s crows bear witness to what is going on around us now, and what has been. How we interact in our world. They act as guardians of the space within the containers that hold all of our questions, intuitions, dreams, truths and mysteries, beautifully encased and protected in resin. 

Scott’s careful use of different mediums and line, especially the chevron, which is considered as one of the oldest symbols in human history, act as a portal into an internal world where you are being consumed by his pieces just as much as you are consuming them.

Mike McCollum, Rainy Day Women
Scott Malbaurn, Dial Back
Mike McCollum, Maureen Williams (curator) and Scott Malbaurn