Making a Point of Inflection ~ Opening Reception

Bernie Lubell makes interactive installations that focus on the intersection of science and the arts.

As visitors work together to animate the mechanisms, they create a theater for themselves and each other. By encouraging participation and touch, the pieces coax visitors to engage their bodies as well as their minds. The way that pieces move and feel and sound as you rock them, pedal, crank and press against them applies the kinesthetic comprehension’s of childhood to the tasks of philosophy

Video Monitor loops a one-hour collection of video clips
of some of Lubell’s larger participatory installations.
Please sit on the bench to activate.

Before the opening reception guests enjoyed an entertaining and lively slide-show
and lecture about Bernie’s work. The lecture was hosted across the street
from Liberty Arts at  the Empire Music Hall.

Funded in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency.

Liberty Arts Hours of Operation
Liberty Arts, 108 W. Miner Street in Historic Downtown Yreka, CA 96097
OPEN ~ Wednesday through Saturday, 10:00 – 5:00
Sunday, Monday & Tuesday ~ CLOSED
530 842-0222

2 comments on “Making a Point of Inflection ~ Opening Reception”

  1. Belinda Hanson

    So sorry to miss all this fun! Thank you Joy and Barry for hosting Bernie, and thanks to Liberty Arts for always showing the best!


    • LIberty Arts

      It was a LOT of fun! And Bernie’s presentation before the Opening was really interesting and helped me understand what is going on with these contraptions!
      – SAL

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