Instant Love

Instant Love window

A peek behind the magic!

Gallery guests exploring Instant Love

Gallyer guests exploring Instant Love

Kim Presley explained the interactive fun with the Polaroid Camera provided by Shasta Regional Foundation. Guests were asked to take a picture of someone they didn’t know and to then pass the camera to that person for their portrait to be taken.

Kim explains camera game
They would then exchange addresses with a label on the back. Take the photo home and collage with it, paint one it, manipulate it, and then send it to the person.

Interactive fun with guests

Then guests began their quest to find a new friend to photograph for some Instant Love.

Take someone's picture

Interactive fun with guests

Interactive fun with guests


Gallery guests always enjoy the artists’ discussions.

Maureen Willliams & Tati. S. Titch

Maureen Willliams & Tati. S. Titch

There was enough Instant Love for everyone at the Opening Reception!





Here is a quick (really quick) peek at the Opening Reception …

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