Le Fleur Couture

Liberty Arts’ fourth wearable-art fashion show
celebrates the closing of the “Botanica” exhibition.

Le Fleur Couture designers have created
botanical inspired fashions that are sure to dazzle and amaze!

Le Fleur Couture Champagne Gala

Saturday, September 9, 2017


Fernanda FroesFernanda Froes, “the Brazalian Flame”, entertained the pre-show audience.

0FERNANDA FROES is a singer, songwriter, bassist, guitarist and a Music Producer.

Fernanda’s musical style is a combination of Acoustic Rock, Blues, R&B, Soul Music and, of course, Brazilian Music.




The pre-show audience anxiously awaits the beginning of Le Fleur Couture …
Pre-Show audience

Pre-show audience 2

Our Emcee Extrodinaire, Nikolas Allen, is ready to rock the Liberty Runway!
Nikolas Allen

Designer: Robin O’Brien
Title: Painted Susan
Model: Alexis Plank

Robin O'Brien, Black Eyed SusanDon’t call me a sunflower. I’m Rudbeckia Hirta, the “prairie forb”, the Black Eyed Susan, wildflower of the mid-west! I’ve made my way here on the winds of autumn and snuggled into disturbed soil beds to bloom again next summer. Hand painted fabric with lace bodice and flared sleeves form the base of the cone-shaped center hat with pincushion of stigmas. Glorious in the sun, this little bloom is none other than Alexis Plank, our dear Scott Valley wildflower.

Designer: Kathie Matthews
Title:  Sweet Summer
Model: Josie Hall
For Sale: $120
2 - Kathie Matthews

John Rogers - Kathie Mattlews 2

Who doesn’t love watermelon?  This juicy ensemble was inspired by one of the most iconic summer fruits to adorn a picnic or potluck … sweet watermelon. Along for the ride are our favorite beneficial garden insects … the ladybug:  How cute!

This 100% silk three piece outfit is ‘a one of a kind’ piece of art and signed by the artist.  Designed and hand painted by Kathie Matthews.  Silk was chosen for its subtle shimmer, resilient and beautifully translucent soft qualities.  Painting on silk was originated in China but it was the French who developed the long lasting, rich colored dyes that you see on this piece.  The process requires steaming the dyed material to set the colors and then dry cleaning to achieve the soft flowing feel of the fabric.  This is the perfect choice of material for a casual party with friends or a boardwalk stroll along the beach.

Kathie’s design is based on the popular textile artists’ work from the 19250’s to the 40’s when botanicals were common on anything from wall paper, pottery and clothing.  The ‘white line’ technique of separating the colors on the fabric was originated on the east coast in the 1920’s and is frequently used by silk painting artists today.  Watercolor artist’s also use this technique for it’s clean lines and uniqueness.

This beautiful and ‘one of a kind’ three piece ensemble is for sale at $120.00.  Easy care instructions are included.  Wearable art insures you have a unique piece that no-one else does.

Designer: Jill Gardner
Title: Butterfly Garden
Model: Jill Gardner

Jill Gardner is the creator and model of Butterfly Garden. “I followed the fabric, I let it tell me what it wanted to become”, says Jill, who is inspired by her garden, her collection of mixed textiles, and by a poem:

Jill Gardner, Butterfly Garden

One or Two Things

by Mary Oliver

Don’t bother me.
I’ve just
been born.

The butterfly’s loping flight
carries it through the country of leaves
delicately, and well enough to get it
where it wants to go, wherever that is, stopping
here and there to fuzzle the damp throats
of flowers, and the black mud, up
and down it swings, frenzied and aimless, and sometimes

for long delicious moments it is perfectly
lazy, riding motionless in the breeze on the soft stalk
of some ordinary flower.
3 - Jill GardnerThe god of dirt
came up to me and said
so many wise and delectable things, I lay
on the grass listening
to his dog voice,
crow voice,
frog voice; now,
he said and now,

and never once mentioned forever,

which has never the less always been,
like a sharp iron hoof,
at the center of my mind.

One or two things are all you need
to travel over the blue pond, over the deep
roughage of the trees and through the stiff
flowers of lightening – some deep
memory of pleasure, some cutting
knowledge of pain.

But to lift the hoof!
For that you need
an idea.

For years and years I struggled
just to love my life.  And then
the butterfly
rose, weightless, in the wind.
“Don’t love your life
too much, “ it said,

and vanished
into the world.

Designer: Tori Pratt
Title: Friendly Flora
Model: Trudi Pratt

Tori Pratt, Friendly flora

Meet Friendly Flora. Not your garden variety bloom, Ms. Flora expresses a rare duality: one part 1960’s couture and one part friendly intestinal bacteria. Flora pays a deeply plush homage to the many strains of beneficial e. coli. If you ask her how she transcends the bad press of her renegade relatives, she smiles and replies, “intestinal fortitude.” Her cell membrane is faux fur and her flagella are cotton-lycra. Flora is brought into the light by Dr. Trudi Pratt, sister of the artist and an expert, herself, in the cultural harmony of the G.I. tract.

Designer & Model: Barbara Eastman
Title: Peruvian Glass Wing

Barbara Eastman, Peruvian GlasswingButterflies are some of the most beautiful creatures of nature the world over. My cutwork butterfly cape hovers about fabric flowers. Circular ruffles trim the skirt hem and bodice sleeves.

Emcee Nikolas Allen

Designer & Model: Jane Hall
Title: Ensemble, Yellow Tunic with Turban
Jane Hall, Yellow Tunic with TurbinMy inspiration for this costume was simple, I fell in love with the garish yellow fabric, covered in vines including birds living in the tangle! It called out to me with wild botanical lushness, it fascinated my eyes, reached out to me, fabric as a seductress!

The 1960s style tunic drapes with asymmetrical freedom, red floral flares reminiscent of blooms adorn front and back. I couldn’t help but let the lushness of the leaf pattern escape, growing and tumbling at the shoulders! The matching turban finishes the playful, colorful ensemble and one of the little birds has flown to the turban, better to enjoy the view!

Wearing the tunic, allows me to feel wild and free! Should I hop, skip and twirl, twirl and twirl myself, that I might stumble into a magical place, to become un-seeable in the tangle. Bye, bye!

Designer: Kathie Matthews
Title:  Summer Fun
Model:  Annie Moore
For Sale: $120

Kathie Matthews, Summer FunYou know its summer when you see the sun flowers blooming, especially these bright beauties with colorful butterflies all a flutter.

This 100% silk ensemble is one of a kind….designed and hand painted by local artist Kathie Matthews

Silk was chosen for this outfit for its shimmer and translucent soft qualities.  The art of painting on sild originates with the Chinese…after which the French developed brilliant and long lasting dyes that are steam set and show off rich colors.  This is the perfect look and material for a poolside party or casual evening about town.

Kathie’s design is based on classic 1920’s to 40’s popular textile era artists’ works.  The ‘white line’ technique used was originated on the east coast in the 1920’s and used widely by artists since then, especially silk artists.  This technique enables the artist to separate colors on the material for striking effects.

This beautiful one of a kind three piece outfit is for sale at $120.00.  Easy care instructions are included.  Since it is a piece of art it has also been signed by the artist.

Designer & Model: Carly Turner
Title: Bourgeon Floral

Carly Turner, Bourgeon FloralHer name is Capullo De La Flor, and she is a force to be reckoned with.

Her inspiration is Fairies, and why? They are sweet, and gentle and use the resources around them to make their clothing. They also help each other in any way they can. And when something gets in their way. They bust right through that obstacle. Also, Mother Nature, she is so strong and independent. She is an inspiration to all woman around the world.

The items she acquired for this garment are, blue, white, light pink, and bright purple store-bought fabric flowers, a light pink upcycled ballerina skirt, brighter light pink patterned hand sewn cotton halter top, and dark green store-bought leaves.

This amazing creature, is a child of Mother Nature. Mother Nature creates these creatures because she is lonely. She searched all around the world for a man. Yet she found no man who would love her for her. So, she created these creatures. A name for them with the most unique backstory’s. No child is the same. As Mother Nature made it.

Designer: Robin O’Brien
Title: Roll Out the Barrel
Model: Kate O’Brien-Mann

Robin O'Brien, Roll Out the BarrelLager, Ale, Porter, Stout… beer’s a drink some can’t do without.

In Latin, Fermentum Humulus Lupulus, is native to British soil. Its ripened cones are used to flavor beer. Henry the 8th forbade brewers to put hops in ale, petitioning that the hop was a wicked weed that would spoil the taste of ale and endanger “the people.” These hop tendrils were gathered in the wild here in Siskiyou County where they were probably planted by the early tavern keepers who wanted to keep their clientele happy and hoppy.  Sewn by hand onto this traditional German Dirndl, are over 75 beer coasters collected from around the world by the O’Brien family.

Robin O’Brien designed this “ode” to beer dedicated to her home brewing husband Thomas. Their daughter happy Farmer Kate, modeling here, with her experiences in Austria and Germany, is the perfect model choice.

So roll out that barrel and let’s have a pint of beer!

Designer & Model: Summer Dawn Clements
Title: Polly Sweet Pea
For Sale: $350

Summer Dawn Clements, Polly Sweet PeaThis flower is known in the Land of the Gardens as Polly Sweet Pea!  Polly is short for “Polly the Pollinator”.

She just happens to be known for being quite a rare flower to the all bees.  The reason for this is because she is known to produce some of the largest quantity and one of the sweetest of pollen amongst all the flora in the land!

The bees prepare themselves in late spring and early summer as they wait for Polly Sweet Pea to return to the Land of the Gardens and they gather around to witness her come into full bloom. You can hear the bees all buzz about with excitement!

In the bee community, everyone has a job to do and they all know when Polly Sweet Pea arrives it means that….

The time for pollinating has come!

Polly Sweet Pea enjoys her time with the bees and the bees seem to think she is just the “Bees Knees”!

Materials: Cotton, felt, satin, spandex, tulle, wire, chain

Designer: Tori Pratt
Title:  Black and Blue-eyed Susan
Model: Rayola Pratt
Tori Pratt, Black & Blue-eyed SusanBlack and Blue-eyed Susan is the matriarch of Torri Pratt’s fall line of Power Perennials. Bruised by summer’s combination punch of “excessive heat warnings”, this year’s power perennials are deciding for themselves to bloom in the fall! Elegantly animated by Siskiyou County-raised, Rayola Pratt, who is also the mother of the artist, this paneled jacket is pieced from nuno felted yardage. Each panel speaks of garden flora and organic structures. The composite hat features crochet disc flowers and golden, nuno felted rays. Both bloom and jacket are created from a mélange of silk, mohair, merino wool, and alpaca fiber from Arapaho Rose Alpacas in Redding, CA. Accompanying Black and Blue-eyed Susan is a U.F.O. named, Cool.

Designer: Sharon LoMonaco
Title: Ravishing Rose
Model: Lenita Higgs
For Sale: $450Sharon LoMonaco, Ravishing RoseLike a Heritage Rose awaiting its full bloom, the promise of romance personified in its furling crimson petals, this cocktail dress is sheer classic, ageless, beauty.

Like the deep fragrance of a true red rose, wafting out whispers of passion…and Love Triumphant!

Red Rose cocktail dress – Red Dupioni Silk, with red organza petals.

The fitted, lined dress has front and back princess seams with shaped flounce, emboldened with organza rose petals.

Size 10. For sale: $450

Designer & Model: Ruth Peddinghaus
Title: Bride to Bee
For Sale: $550
Ruth Peddinghaus, Bride to Bee

White “Virgin” beeswax denotes the idea of being “untouched” and is used in a Unity set of white candles at a wedding. The natural color of beeswax is white before the honeycomb is filled with honey, grubs, pollen or propolis. Our Artist is a beeswax Chandler and creates handmade beeswax candles.

Her inspiration came when she saw that her original dress design could be paired with hollowed out candles and enhanced with pearls, tulle, beads, and ribbon and beeswax bees to complete a “Beekeepers” style bridal gown.

The gown is made with faux suede material.  The beeswax flowers are painted with a pearlescent paint to play off the plethora of pearls dripping from this gown.

Bees have been in the news quite a bit in the past decade.  Our Artist, Beekeeper and Model, Ruth Peddinghaus believes that the enthusiastic back yard beekeepers will be an integral part of the Honey Bee’s rehabilitation. The bees pollinate 70% of our food crops and all the “Worker Bees” are female. Thinking of a backyard wedding? Yes, this gown is for sale.

Designer & Model: Tori Pratt
Title:  Prairie Frock
Tori Pratt, Praire Frock

Tori Pratt, Prarie FrockTaking Echinacea for a summer cold? Consider this Prairie Frock instead.

Inspired by the purple cone flower and numerous recent king snake sightings, Prairie Frock is the eldest sister in Torri Pratt’s Fall line of Power Perennials.

Modeled by the artist herself, the jacket is made of an embellished double weave with crochet collar and cuffs. It is designed to be reversible to highlight this unique fabric. The hat is a sneeze of crochet, nuno felted flowers, and king snake piping. The Cuban heeled harness boots were also designed and built by the artist.



Designer: Ruth Peddinghaus
Title: Microgreen Fairy
Model: Kelly Nicole Sheppard
For Sale: $625

Ruth Peddinghaus, Microgreen Fairy

Ruth Peddinghaus, Microgreen FairyOur Fairy is a playful promoter of Microgreens that are 10-14 Day old vegetables that are harvested with their Cotyledons (caught-a-lead-in), leaves only. This produces a nutrient dense “Superfood” that promotes healthy available energy.

The artist held nothing back when creating this hand dyed, hand/machine sewn ensemble. Many textures and materials were used including felting, trims, feathers, moss, bark and a dozen fabrics.

The leg enhancers are made of suede and were hand cut and uniquely put together for original flare.

The Artist is an off-grid farmer who grows microgreens for local restaurants, grocery stores and Farmer’s Market.  Her love of Food, Fashion and Fun displays her enthusiasm for detail. Our Model Kelly Nicole Sheppard brings the spirit of this dress alive with her flare for exuberance, wisdom and strawberry attitude!

Emcee Nikolas Allen

Designer: Kim Presley
Title: Saguaro
Model: Akemi Dean

Kim Presley, Saguro

According to the mythology of the Tohono O’odham people of the Sonoran desert, the first saguaro was created when a young beautiful woman sank deep into the earth and rose back out as a giant cactus, arms raised toward the heavens.

Spandex, vinyl ribbing, toothpicks.

Designer & Model: Brenda Eastman
Title: Betty Blossom

Brenda Eastman, Betty Bloom

When Betty Blossom finishes toiling over housework, she greets hubby with a martini and a sheer asymmetrical ombre dyed Redingote coat slipped over a body stocking blooming with petals and foliage. Betty is ready!

Designer: Sheila Masson
Title: Cala Lily
Model: Shari Bigman

Sheila Masson, Cala Lily

Calla Lily is a modest elegant flower which is a symbol of both love and death.

Fitted green dress slacks, short sleeved yellow top, white hooded cap jacket w/open front green wrap skirt (lined in white), white tie belt

Fabrics: White satin blend, green cotton blend, yellow Shantung, wire

Designer: Robin O’Brien
Title: Pressed in Time
Model: Leah Dean

Robin O'Brien, Pressed in time

Lupinus Perennis! These wild purple and yellow lupine were picked in the spring from a Lake Shastina hillside and pressed in time with its other springtime cohort Lavendula Lavender. Saved for months then enveloped in sateen and poly, they bide their time in this posh, futuristic Mandarin-inspired ensemble designed and fabricated by Robin O’Brien.  No umbrella needed!

Designer: Ruth Peddinghaus
Title: Ode to the Pine Forest
Model: Patricia Paisley

Ruth Peddinghaus, Ode to Pine Forest

This wearable poem of grace and stability portrays a circa 1944 style coat dress. Our double breasted aubergine colored dress is adorned with pine and oak bark, wire wrapped pine resin and natural moss to enhance the mood. To add a unique flare, pine resin jewelry and butterscotch material was added.

The inspiration for this look took place last winter when the Artist was collecting pine resin that had hardened on the trees. The processed resin is combined with natural beeswax, oils and Shea butter to create a “cure-all” salve that can be applied anywhere!

Our beautiful model Patricia Paisley is confident and looking quite debonair in her top hat and warm muff that completes our “Ode to the Forest” art piece. This ensemble is for sale.

Designer & Model: Patty Woods-Gawlik Patty Woods-Gawlik, Passion Flower
Title: The Passion Flower

The inspiration for the dress is the “Passion Flower”

The materials are wool, cheesecloth, silk, beads and embellished embroidery.

The passion flower is a complex design with symbolism from Christians that intrigues thoughts of transformation and renewal each spring.

The five sepals and petals are created with cheese cloth in hand carved molds made by the artist-model. Each face/petal is allowed to dry overnight, gently removed and hand died to resemble the stains reminiscent of the shroud of Jesus.

The nails, symbolic stigmas, are created with wood and cheesecloth and painted to look like metal.

The red is symbolic of the sacred wounds, blood draining below the nails forms a rose, symbolic for the love of Christ.

Each of the petals are symbolic of people from around the world, a portrait of our globalization. The filaments representing the crown of thorns, is made from wool, pipe cleaners and hand painted with purple and pale pink. The front of the dress is designed with two snakes intertwined, one going up, and one going down. This is my interpretation of a double helix or caduceus, the symbol for healing. The dress is about my personal transformation, recovery from ovarian cancer one year ago, and a renewal in pursuing my dreams as an artist. I am grateful to be here.

Designer: Sharon LoMonaco
Title: The Goddess of the Forest
Model: Desirae Smith

Sharon LoMonaco, the Goddess of the Forest

The Goddess of the Forest goes forth to survey her domain of woods, ferns, flowers and waterfalls.
In this forest inspired ensemble Sharon indulged her love of intricate garment construction, machine embroidery, beading and beautiful fabrics.

The bustier, made from moss green suede cloth embellished with assorted silk fern leaves, flowers and beads, is laced down the back for an adjustable yet snug fit.

The celadon green skirt of hand-made Dupioni Silk is also embellished with the ferns, flowers and beads from the bustier. At the back of the skirt the train is a waterfall of crinkled silk hand-dyed by master dye artist Nancy Van Susteren of Mt. Shasta.

Special thanks to our gracious goddess and model Desirae Smith of Redding.

Emcee Nikolas AllenOnce again our amazing emcee, Nikolas Allen, knocked it out of the Plaza
with his never ending enerty.

Le Fleur Couture finale

Le Fleur Couture finale

Le Fleur Couture finale

Le Fleur Couture finale

Victoria, Sharon & Olivia LoMonaco

Keepin’ it all in the family, photography team (middle) Sharon LoMonaco & videography, Victoria LoMonaco & Olivia LoMonaco



Special thanks to amazing photographer & friend, John Rogers for his generosity and use of his beautiful photographs.

Le Fleur Couture production team: Brenda Eastman, Sheila Masson & Sharon LoMonaco

Emcee Extrodinare, Nikolas Allen

Green Show Entertainment, Fernanda Froes,

Sound Technician, Fernando Flores/The Music Hall

Models Make-up, Victoria LoMonaco & Corinna Soule

Champagne from Yreka’s


Funded in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency
and Scott Valley Bank our local sponsor.



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