Filaments & Fashion

May 15 through June 20, 2015

Emcee Nikolas Allen

Emcee Nikolas Allen started the evening off by rockin’ the Liberty Runway!

DSCN 0527 & 0531

JoAnn Manzone, Wrapped in White; Laura Lawrence, Spring Time Vest Combo

DSCN0529 & 0542

Melissa Davis, Happy Coat; Bethany Burns, Bethany Burns, Paisley upcycled halter dress

DSCN0547 & 0552

Kim Presley & Sheila Masson, Lichen Dress;Bethany Burns,The Orangina Upcycled Racerback Dress 

DSCN0549 & 0535

Lauri Sturdivant, Organic Produce; Kim Presley, Knowledge Dress

DSCN0541 & 0551

Kim Presley, Knowledge Dress; Natalie Jai Ortiz, Tied Up


Lauri Sturdivant, Ode to Caffeine

Fil & Fash-1404 copy

Deejay Serendipity set the beat for the amazing models.

DSCN0513 & 0516

Back stage was abuzz with preparations. Robin Bailey, Connie Meeks

Fil & Fash-1385

After a quick change the garments were rehung in the gallery. Lauri Sturdivant & Rebekka Bruhn, Ode to Jetsons

Fil & Fash-1376 copy
Fil & Fash-1399 copy

Joann Manzone and Laura Lawrence

Fil & Fash-1401 copy
Fil & Fash-1388 & 1393

Tom & Robin O’Brien, Sheila Masson’s Lichen Dress; Lauri Strudivant’s Ode to Jetsons

Fil & Fash-1392 copy

Melissa Davis’ Happy Coat & Laura Lawrence’s Spring Time Vest Combo

Fil & Fash-1372 copy

Adamine HarmsRemaking Myself


Belinda Hanson, Jill Gardner, Candace Miller

Fil & Fash-1397 copy

Liberty Arts board members Connie Meek, Robin Bailey & Maureen Williams

Fil & Fash-1447 & 1429

Kim Presley; Lauri Sturdivant making last minute adjustments.

Fil & Fash-1426 copy

The curators, Lauri Sturdivant & Brenda Woods with Emcee Nikolas Allen, happy for another successful opening reception!