Natural Wonders

Liberty Arts gallery kicked off the New Year with a special focus on the creativity of children. The gallery was transformed into a Makerspace to facilitate the creation of projects with extended sessions to allow time for more developed pieces. The class projects were developed and led by our Explorations team and local artists.

Natural Wonders at Liberty Arts features both collaborative and individual works by artists from our Explorations program in a special 2-week exhibition.

Natural Wonders continues through February 14, 2020.

Natural Wonders, Explorations Makerspace was
funded in part by generous grants from …

Reach for the Stars

Fort Jones Elementary School students from Lisa Dean’s K-1st grade class and J. Everett Barr School students were challenged to think about their dreams for the future and Reach for the Stars.

Students learned to draw Native American and Aboriginal Symbols at the same time learning the meaning of the Symbols.

Lead Artist: Becky Dill

Secret Spaces

Hornbrook School students in Dan McGuigan’s 7th-8th grade class, were challenged to bring personal and found objects from nature. They were encouraged to create compositions considering the art elements of line, form, texture, color and shape in their boxes.

Lead Artists: Rajiv Hotek and Kim Presley

Secret Spaces

Northern Lights

The students of Mrs. Copeland’s 1s-grade class from Evergreen School were struck with awe and inspiration after learning how the Northern Lights occur from the beautiful mixture of solar flare and our Earth’s oxygen and nitrogen. The wavy lines seen in the sky represent the flowing magnetic shield that the Earth is constantly emitting. 

They applied alcohol inks to the tiles and moved the ink around to get desired effect. 

Lead Artist: Maureen Williams

Jabbetty Wind

Students in Rami White’s 6th-8th grade class from Dunsmuir Elementary School, created prints using dried botanicals and acrylic paint.

Gelli prints were made directly on tissue paper, which was dried, torn, and then applied with a clear sealant onto wood panels.

Lead Artist: Kim Presley

Paper Quilts

Guess who learned all about what lives in the forest, through a community collaboration Paper Quilt?

From Jackson St. School, Ms. Heilmann’s 5th grade and Ms. Jankowski’s 4th grade. Ms. Lamb’s 2nd-4th grade from YACS, and the Siskiyou Opportunity Center.

That’s who!

Lead Artist: Rebecca Dill

River Life

Students from Valerie Conley’s K-8th grade class from Seiad use the scratching-on-tile technique known as sgrafitto to create scenes of river life.

After bisque-fired ceramic tiles were coated with black glaze, artists transferred their personal images onto tiles. Students used steel tools to remove the glaze to reveal white tile.

Lead Artists: Rajiv Hotek & Kim Presley


Mrs. Talley’s 4th grade class hailing from Jackson Street School collaged with equilateral triangles and images of nature. They learned about how we see sacred geometry all around us and how the mighty triangle is a building block in life. 

Lead Artist: Maureen Williams

Birds of the West ~
Canada Geese in Flight

Seniors from Grenada Gardens Assisted Living adopted a simplified method of soft-wire sculpture; by constructing a Canada goose silhouette from a continuous length of 10 gauge, red-colored aluminum wire.

Geese were chosen as likely being a bird often heard, seen, and remarked upon affectionately, by the residents.

Lead Artist: Barbara Soule’

Birds of the West

Ms. Janine Turner’s 3rd grade class, from Montague Elementary School, created wild birds, likely to be seen in our North-state locale, using varying gauges of soft wire and glass beads, to be placed in a “landscape.”

Students were encouraged to discuss and learn of the habitat, range, and feeding-habits of local backyard and countryside birds.

Lead Artist: Barbara Soule’

Amphibian Cross

Students from Kate Mitrovich’s 5th grade class from Jackson Street School were challenged to create a cross between an amphibian and concept of their choice.

Students learned anatomy while forming their animals and used engineering to build an armature using wire and small wooden dowels.

Lead Artist: Kim Presley

Liberty Arts Exploration program is made possible by generous grants from:

Photography by Sharon LoMonaco

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