September 13 through October 18, 2019
Curated by Mark Comon

Liberty Arts is pleased to present the work of the Creative Photo Academy students and instructors in an exhibition titled Cuba!

Creative Photographers Academy

The Creative Photo Academy, at PAUL’S PHOTO in Torrance California, has been a center for photographic inspiration, learning, creativity, and fun since 1988. They offer classes, workshops, photo walks, day trips, photo adventures, and lectures that appeal to photographers of all skill and interest levels.

Mark Comon, the curator of Cuba! scouts exciting photo locations to preview and present to the participating photographers/travelers. The photographs in this exhibition are the culmination of the group’s third and fourth trips to Cuba.  Mark says that “Photography is about storytelling-seeing what touches you, then using light and lens to communicate, connect and inspire.”

Their people-to-people exchange focuses on the unique Cuban culture and offers unparalleled access to fantastic photo ops exploring several different venues including historic Old Havana to photograph the classic cars and capture iconic images of the wonderfully warm & friendly people. A visit to the lush green countryside of Cuba’s tobacco fields and mogotes of Vinales in western Cuba provides a tranquil respite after the excitement of Havana. The port city of Cienfuegos features the Jagua Fortress as well as the Arco de Triunfo – the only Arco de Triunfo in Cuba, and Trinidad.

Enjoy the show while you take a leisurely stroll through Cuba!

Jim White, Man in the Dark; Evelyn Schmitt, Vintage Convertible;
Kelly Fricks, CUBA!; Mark Comon, CPA Photographers 1

John Schmitt, Cuban Gentleman with Roses; Cuc Du, Observant Doxie;
Melanie Lanoye, On our Street; Karen Vondra, New Gate

Pepe Zyman, Aaaaah; Pepe Zyman, Happy Cuban Kids 2;
Pepe Zyman, Happy Cuban Kids 1; Melanie Lanoye Open for Dinner;
Evelyn Schmitt, Cuban Gentleman with Cigar

Karen Vondra, Street Dominos; Mark Comon Dance School;
Robin Lambert, The Embrace; Mark Comon, Fishing Boats

Mark Comon, Policia;  Calvin Abe, Independence;
Karen Vondra, Street Dominos

Mark Comon, Morning Cruise

John Schmitt, Cuban Classic Red Ford Taxi; Cuba Fun in Vintage Convertible

Mark Comon, Admiration; Phil Rubaloff, Old and New;
Calvin Abe, Nature Reclaimed; Mark Comon, Back Seat Fun;
Cuc Du, Cuban Driver

Calvin Abe, Tour Guide; Cuc Du, Smooth Cruising

Mark Comon, Harvesting the Golden Leaf; Cuc Du What’s the Moo;
Robin Lambert, Woman in Vinales; Mark Comon, Tobacco Farmer

Mark Comon, Tobacco Fields

Melanie Lanoye, Ride to Church; Phil Rubaloff, Chicken Run; Karen Vondra, Tobacco Grading; Kelly Fricks, Farmer

Mark Comon, Super Market; Mark Comon, Flower Market;
Mark Comon, Home from the Market; Evelyn Schmitt, Cuban Street Vendors; Judy Hollingshead, Hungry?

Kelly Fricks, Old Cars; Mark Comon, El Capitolio

Mark Comon, CPA Photographers 2; Mark Comon, Welcome;
Judy Hollingshead, Mama Mia; Mark Comon, Speedy Delivery

Jim White Stache and Cigar; Mark Comon, Smoker

Phil Rubaloff, Jovial

Pepe Zyman, Cool Guy; Mark Comon, The Artist

Robin Lambert Vinales Plaza Man

Mark Comon, The Boxer; Jim White, Frankin Benjamin

Special Event – Wednesday, October 16th at 7:00

Join Mark Comon as he shares his Top 10 Photo Destinations through an inspiring photography presentation at the Empire Music Hall.  Mark is an award-winning photographer, world renown educator, and founder of Creative Photo Academy.

Admission is FREE and the public is invited.


Funded in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency.

Gallery photography by Sharon LoMonaco

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