Cheeky Precision

Candace Miller, Long Ago and Far Away Tableau

“The three of us use playfulness, cheeky justapositions and humor to create
a dialogue with the viewer. 
Through precise process and individual style
our work explores the human condition”
            – Candace Miller, Curator

Yuji Hiratsuka, Wings of Wonder, Intaglio and Chine Collé

The Futility Machine
This desktop machine is a mechanical metaphor for the
seemingly unrewarded effort that goes into every day life.

At 2.8 to the negative forty-first, it requires over a billion revolutions
of the first gear for the last gear to go through one complete revolution.

Bill Durovchic, 2.8-41 ,Steel, aluminum, Brass, Bakelite

Yuji Hiratsuka, Moe, Intaglio and Chine Collé

Candace Miller, Predator, Mixed Media

Yuji Hiratsuka, Land, Sky – Ahiru, Land, Sky – Kitsune,
Land, Sky – Shika, 
Land, Sky – Usagi,
Intaglio and Chine Collé

Candace Miller, Metamorphosis, Mixed Media

Yuji Hiratsuka, Radiant Plant; Happy Plant; Succulent; Money Plant, Intaglio and Chine Collé

Candace Miller, Our Lady of the Birds, Mixed Media

Bill Durovchic, Flywheel Car, Bakelite, Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Rubber

Yuji Hiratsuka, Full Blossom; Generous Harvest, Intaglio and Chine Collé

Bill Durovchic, Gun Drill, Revolver, Hand Drill

Yuji Hiratsuka, Full Blosom & Generous Harvest, Intaglio and Chine Collé 

Yuji Hiratsuka, Paradise Theater, Intaglio and Chine Collé

Candace Miller, Corvid, Papier-mâché

Yuji Hiratsuka, Sara-Q; Space Flight; Garden Talk, Intaglio and Chine Collé

Candace Miller, Transition,Mixed Media

Candace Miller’s Tableau of Other Wordly Creatures, Long Ago and Far Away

Candace Miller, Watcher (Holy Angel); Boy Crazy, Papier-mâché

Candace Miller, Pied Piper; Love Child with Bird, Papier-mâché

Bill Durovchic, Amusement Park Ride, Globe, Hand Drill Pencil Sharpener, Gears, Game Pieces

Cheeky Precision exhibition will continue through Friday, January 5, 2018.


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Photographs by Sharon LoMonaco

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