Alternate Paths


Mike McCollum & Al Honig

Alternate Paths at Liberty Arts

Al Honig has been described as a “lifelong hoarder of wonderful things”; treasures that are carefully curated to be included in his sculptural constructions. His works are not assemblages but constructions using objects of many different materials which he subtly changes to make them fit together to form a single sculpture.

Al’s whimsical constructions awaken my inner child!

Alternate Paths at Liberty Arts

Mike’s abstract landscapes are created from wood (sticks, branches, found wood objects) and colored resin.  He invites viewers to experience landscape through the use of color and placement of found and manipulated objects. While his cabinets explore the ritual uses of furniture, his drawings, which are encapsulated in epoxy resin, find interest in the relationships between the “stars” of art history such as skulls, skeletons, Mona Lisa, and the knots that bind them together.

Al Honig, Church in a BoxAl Honig, Church in a Box

Mike McCollum, Hidden Agenda & Messenger

Al Honig, US Products & El Mundo Encima mi Cabaza

Mike McCollum, Actual Size

Al Honig, Gun Love

Mike McCollum, Mona Strikes a Pose, Invisible Man

Al Honig, The Daily News, Eviction

Mike McCollum, Story Book

Al Honig, Urn #15 from Urn Series

Mike McCollum, DeLorean , Warrior

Mike McCollum, detail of DeLorean

Al Honig, Look Out forLove; Mike McCollum, Generator & Flat Top

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