Convent of St. Elizabeth

Three renowned artists from Convent of St. Elizabeth in Scott Valley, Mother Justina, Mother Eupraxia, and Mother Barbara will be featured in this exhibition, their artwork is recognized internationally. Specializing in Byzantine-style hand painted iconography, they will also be showing a collection of their more whimsical secular artwork.

Convent Artists’ Statement

We, the artists, are Mother Justina, Mother Barbara, and Mother Eupraxia respectively, and the Convent of St. Elizabeth in Etna, CA is where we call home and where we create art primarily for religious purposes. The main focus of our work is ancient Byzantine-style iconography for use in Orthodox Christian church and home settings, and we sell our icons to customers all over the world as part of how we support ourselves. However, when we get the chance, we like to do some other, less serious, artwork on the side for fun. This exhibition is a wonderful opportunity for us to share some of what we do with the greater community. 

Mother Justina has been painting for most of her life, is the Convent’s head iconographer, teaches an iconography certificate program at the local St. Photios Orthodox Theological Seminary in Etna, and is currently a candidate for an MFA at the Savannah College of Art and Design. While her work has been predominantly in iconography, she has worked with a variety of mediums and styles and has produced an array of captivating artworks, particularly landscapes, scenes, and portraits. 

Mother Barbara also began painting from an early age and was trained in iconography by Mother Justina. However, over the years, in addition to painting Byzantine icons, she has branched out into different media, especially colored pencil, watercolor, and scratchboard, and has created a variety of stunning artworks, particularly of birds for which she has had a fascination since childhood.

Mother Eupraxia specializes in the free-motion technique of embroidery (sometimes called “thread-painting”) which she has been doing for twenty-two years. While most of her embroidery is also of icons, she has done many side projects over the years—usually of animals and especially of wildlife. 

We look forward to being able to share our work with a wider audience and hope it will be a source of interest and enjoyment for anyone who comes to see it.