Liberty Arts’ Mission and Vision

To serve a charitable and educational purpose by enriching the cultural heritage and communications among all peoples of the world through creations of works of fine arts and other art forms” – Liberty Arts Mission Statement

In 1985 a group of artists, writers, philosophers, and community members began informal meetings to discuss possible mutual activities, which would employ the arts to address social issues. The group became Liberty Painting Corporation, a 501(c)(3) public benefit nonprofit.

The vision for Liberty Arts is to:

  1. Exhibit works from a broad base of individuals and groups in our community, and to offer a venue to guest artists bringing new work and ideas to Siskiyou County
  2. Provide educational outreach programs, workshop space and facilities for artists, students and community members
  3. Broaden awareness of cultural achievements through performance and exhibition
  4. Offer community events, which expand appreciation of cinematography, videography and photography through exhibition, lecture and informal discussion