2024 Exhibition Schedule

January 26 – March 1

2nd Annual Fiber Arts Show: Open Call, our second annual textile show

March 8 – April 12

Abstract Vision:

Featuring the work of Cindy Triplett & Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass for Contemporary, abstract watercolors that will spark your imagination.

April 19 – May 24

Patterns in Nature: OPEN CALL. Rich patterning Revealed wherever it is found in nature; in animals, insects, plants and elements such as water. All mediums welcome.

May 31 – July 5

Renaissance Bros: Featuring the work of Finley Fryer, Kirk Leclaire, & Guy Fryer this will be a masterful exhibit of exquisitely detailed paintings, sculpture, and furniture.

July 12 – August 9

Art Beyond Life Expectancy: Ron Richards and Dave Shuteroff two artists, working for more than half a century, share their paintings, metalwork, ceramics, glass, and jewelry.

August 16 – September 13

Interactive Sensory: OPEN CALL & Community Exhibition, a new gallery experience where you will be encouraged not just to look, but also to make your own contributions to some of the work.

September 20 – October 25

Not Everything is Black or White….Nor Shape or Color Quite Alike: Marlis Jermutus & Sam Whitman join forces to present the contrast of abstract, fluid paintings paired with more constructed precise compositions.

October 31 – November 29

Masks Old & New:

OPEN CALL, Any mask welcome, whether from an old collection or newly created for this exhibition.

December 7- January 10

Avgolemono (av-gow-luh-maa-now) 2024 Member’s Show:

Our annual Member’s Show always reveals an impressive array of talent.