2023 Exhibition & Event Calendar

Our schedule for 2023 has been finalized, thank you to all the members that presented and voted for this years exhibitions. Your contributions are what build our programming and enriches our community!


Jan 20 -Feb 16Fiber Arts Show – All textile open-call
Feb 24 -March 30Exhale, Shining a Light on Justice Impacted Artists
April 7 – May 4Discarded – Open Call, artwork made from thrown away objects
May 12-June 16Yreka High School “Lost and Found” – Advanced Art Students show their work
June 23- July 28Convent of St. Elizabeth – Byzantine-Style Iconography and non secular artwork
Aug 4 – Sept 1Celebrate local artist William Wareham – Retrospective recognizing his insight and invention spanning over 50 years
August 23Annual Member’s Meeting – Present and vote on upcoming exhibitions propositions
Sept 9 -Oct 19Divine Masterpiece Fashion Show – Open Call encouraging fashion designs inspired by art Masterpieces
Oct 27 – Dec 6Ancient Whispers – Christos Spontylides and Roger Davis show in a collaborative exhibition
Dec 15 – Jan 19Members Show 

More information on exhibitions:

January 20th -Feb 16th

FIBER ARTS SHOW – An open call exhibition welcoming all type of textiles and different techniques.  An eclectic show that will highlight the artistic perspective of textile arts. With over 55 submissions, this exhibition is a community favorite and represents work from all fiber artist all over Siskiyou County.

Feb 24th-March 30th

EXHALE, Shining a Light on Justice Impacted Artists – This exhibition will feature the artwork and poetry of artists whose lives have been affected by incarceration. This exhibition will be curated by Snow Thorner, an ambassador with the Compassion Prison Project.

April 7th- May 4th

DISCARDED – An open-call exhibition of artwork made from discarded objects that would otherwise be thrown away. This show is meant to bring attention to our overwhelming garbage problem and to see what creative ideas and artwork can be made from things that would otherwise be considered trash.

May 12th – June 16th

LOST and FOUND – Yreka high school – This exhibition is a collaboration with Yreka High School art teacher Nathan Chismar. His advanced art students have been working towards this exhibit for the last two years. This will be a unique opportunity to show their work in a gallery.

June 23rd- July 28th

CONVENT OF ST. ELIZABETH – Three renowned artists from Convent of St. Elizabeth in Scott Valley, Mother Justina, Mother Eupraxia, and Mother Barbara will be featured in this exhibition, their artwork is recognized internationally. Specializing in Byzantine-style hand painted iconography, they will also be showing a collection of their more whimsical secular artwork.

August 4th – Sept 1st

Celebrate local artist WILLIAM WAREHAM – Retrospective recognizing his insight and invention spanning over 50 years.

Fashion Show: Sept 9th

Exhibition: Sept 15th-Oct 19th

DIVINE MASTERPIECE – A Fashion Show and exhibit where the fashion is based on masterpiece artworks throughout history. This year’s catwalk promises to be a night of celebration, community engagement, and honoring the creativity of the participants. The fashion creations will be on exhibit in the gallery after the Fashion Show for closer examination and inspiration from Sept 15th through Oct 19th.

Oct 27th – Dec 6th

ANCIENT WHISPERS – Christos Spontylides and Roger Davis will present a collaborative show. Christos Spontylides’ work reflects his Greek heritage with mythological themes and imagery. Roger Davis is a skilled ceramic artist and will be showing new work for this exhibition.

Christos Spontylides, The Apotheosis of 324 Freedom, Oil on Canvas

Dec 15th – Jan 19th

MEMBERS SHOW -Every year we host an open-call to all our members. The theme is always based on a type of soup and always proves to be an eclectic and impressive show. The Member’s Show brings out the talent in our dispersed community and is always very well attended.

Jan 26th -March 1st, 2024