2019 ~ 2020 Explorations!
Education at Liberty Arts.


Our Liberty Arts Explorations education team look forward to hosting your schools and organizations with new classes for our upcoming exhibitions
for the 2019/2020 academic term.

We have varied and fun exhibits sure to delight your participants in the coming months.

Our 90 minute programs are tailored to make the most out of their visits to the gallery; beginning with an introduction to the current show, a docent tour, and, most fun of all, a hands-on art project reflecting techniques, materials and/or media used by the artists.
Available visit-days are Mondays and Tuesdays, morning or afternoon session.

Please email Liberty Arts, libertyartsgallery@gmail.com with the subject Explorations.
Include your preferred time, date, number of participants to reserve a class time.
We will get back to you.

Our Explorations Outreach classes are free to participants,
thanks to generous grant funding, from …

Explorations in March 2020

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all of the wonderful Teachers and Group Leaders for bringing so many talented individuals to participate in our Natural Wonders exhibition and Makerspace in January. It was a roaring success! Visitors were amazed at the work from our county schools and organizations.

Why rest on our laurels? Let’s keep the creativity ball rolling with more Explorations excitement in March.

Up next, our eagerly anticipated annual Members’ soup-titled Show.

This year Posole, a treat from our south of the border neighbor, Mexico, includes lots of tasty ingredients as are to be found in this new show.

Shery Zand Weaver, Innocence, pencil

Our hands-on project will be a dedicated approach to self- portraiture, using media such as pencil, graphite, conte’ or charcoal techniques to capture that “personal essence”…  rather than cell phones!

As usual, we will offer Mondays and Tuesdays, mornings from 10:00+ or afternoon sessions from 12:30.

See you soon,
Kim, Bee, Debbie, and Becky. Your Explorations team.

Natural Wonders
January 2020

Liberty Arts was transformed into an EXPLORATIONS MAKERSPACE!

Liberty Arts gallery kicked off the New Year with a special focus on the creativity of children. The gallery was transformed into a Makerspace to facilitate the creation of projects January 13-24, with extended sessions to allow time for more developed pieces. The creations were led by ur Explorations team and local artists.

Natural Wonders featured both collaborative and individual works by artists aged 6 to 18 and clients of Siskiyou Opportunity Center and residents of Granada Gardens, in a special 2-week exhibition opening January 31 through February 14, 2020. 

Northern Lights, lead artist, Maureen Williams

First grade students from Ms. Copeland’s class using alcohol inks to create tiles for the Northern Lights collaborative art piece to be included in the Natural Wonders exhibition.

They applied alcohol inks to the tiles and moved the ink around by blowing to get desired effect. 

The students were struck with awe and inspiration after learning how the Northern Lights occur from the beautiful mixture of solar flare and our Earths’ oxygen and nitrogen.

The wavy lines seen in the sky represent the flowing magnetic shield that the Earth is constantly emitting. 

Paper Quilts, lead artist Becky Dill

Ms. Janowski’s fifth grade class work on a collaborative piece which will be a Paper Quilt featuring elements from nature.

Fort Jones Elementary School students from Lisa Dean’s K-1st grade class and J. Everett Barr School students were challenged to think about their dreams for the future and Reach for the Stars.

Reach for the Stars, lead artist, Becky Dill
Amphibian Cross, lead artist, Kim Presley

Students from Kate Mitrovich’s 5th grade class from Jackson Street School were challenged to create a cross between an amphibian and concept of their choice.

Students learned anatomy while forming their animals and used engineering to build an armature using wire and small wooden dowels.

This special Explorations Makerspace was
made possible by generous grants from …

California Arts Council, Pacific Power

Inspired by the Paintings of Marlis Jermutus featured in the current show Form and Space.

The hands-on project will adopt Marlis’ “brushless” technique.

Using acrylic medium (in analogous colors), spray bottles of water, additives, and gel, classes will explore the fluidity of acrylic medium on canvases that will be maneuvered/tilted throughout, to create a “molten” effect via gravity.

Marlis Jermutus, Nebular

This is a somewhat “messy” procedure, so participants are advised not to wear their “best” clothing. We have ‘work-T-shirts’ available, but paint does tend to “travel” during the creative process!

Available Dates

TUESDAY November 12th Afternoon
MONDAY November 18th Morning
MONDAY November 18th Afternoon
TUESDAY November 19th Morning
TUESDAY November 19th Afternoon

Please reserve space by replying to:
Subject line: Explorations

Or call the gallery Tues – Sat  10-5 842-0222
105 W. Miner Street in Historic Downtown Yreka

Explorations is made possible through the generous support of:

Welcome to the jewel of the Caribbean!

We presented an exciting photography show to
share with the students as seen through
the lenses of a dozen photographers.

The students were able to experience the people, places and American cars that tell the story of this unique country.

Students had an to opportunity to recognize and explore narrative photography with a hands-on
project using Instax instant cameras.
They used a variety of objects to create their
own stories and relate them in haiku.

Cowboy Up! opens a new academic year for our Explorations art sessions at Liberty Arts. This is a juried show, featuring exhibits in a variety of media celebrating the culture and evolution of the Working Cowboy of the American West through painting, photography and sculpture.

Our hands-on project was inspired by saddles and boots featured in cowboy culture, and offered an opportunity to create leather bookmarks using stamping techniques.